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Executive Producer 

John Condne, the ayatollah of rock n rolla. Fast-talking and wise-cracking, he’s the engine who makes the wheels turn. But don’t mistake him for being uncaring, John’s the guy who will take you out for shots after a shoot, and also makes sure you get home safe afterwards. 


He’s the king of business acumen, making sure every project (and every person involved with it), are handled with care, respect and smarts. Working with John means you get a morning wake up pep call, and an evening “we did good today” wind down call. He’s the reason we get to be as nimble and as quick on our feet as we are. 


(Rumor also has it, he’s a descendant from a long line of French Canadian royalty.)

Executive Producer - Agency Services

Austen is the one woman production Avenger. Remarkably thorough, thoughtful and organized, no detail ever goes unturned under her watch. She’s the person you want at your side and on your team - with her you can conquer pretty much everything. No matter how intense things get, she’s always looking out for everyone’s well being and manages to keep a cool head even under the most pressure cooker situations. 


But don’t think that because she’s tough she ain’t no fun. This is a woman who will hike legendary mountains, backpack across continents and always find a way to have a great cocktail or glass of wine in between.

To sum up her greatness - if the Universe depended on her to save it, she’d probably find a way. 

Head of Production

Kris comes from the school of don’t criticize the work if you don’t understand it, which is why he understands and can do pretty much any role on set. He’s a collaborators’ dream, always working to say yes to the aspirations of the creatives and craftspeople in production. 


An admitted tech nerd, Kris loves getting deep in the weeds with the latest software, hardware or vintage anamorphic lenses... As for the finer things, Kris will land in a new city with a Michelin restaurant list in hand and drink pairings at the ready.


When he flashes that smile in the midst of a production problem, it’s only because he’s already anticipated it and thought of a few creative solutions. Don’t try to out - cool his wardrobe, you can only try to keep up. 

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